Koil Killaz Freebase 30ML


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Fatal - A fatal punch of flavour! Blood orange and pineapple accented with notes of strawberry

Thrash - From the depths of the forest comes a secret citrus elixir infused with mango and blueberry that is shockingly good!  

Roundhouse - A swinging kick of flavour! Experience the taste of fresh peaches, watermelon balanced with a sour kick of raspberry, the beast is back, and he's still got it! 

Rumble - Delicious blend of exotic fruits-the sweetest in the rain forest! A unique tropical blend that will have you pounding on your chest!

Rampage - Luscious pink guava, sun-ripened mango, and sweet pineapple-picked fresh from the jungle, then thrashed into this bottle of frenzy-inducing elixir!

Savage - This climactic blend features the mellow of refreshing watermelon and kiwi, combined with the tart edge of crimson strawberry fruit.

Blitz - Combining only the most delectable notes of juicy watermelons, fresh blueberries and a touch of pear for a truly magical all day vape! 

Assault - The prophecy has been fulfilled in this all-new summer blend of sweet blueberries accented with fresh dragon fruit and guava for a full attack of flavour! 

Fury - A tropical frenzy of fresh pineapples, juicy black currant and coconut are smashed up in the pack's all-new secret weapon flavour

Sasquatch - This will surely awaken your taste buds and bring you to a tropical rain forest full of thick vines of sweet bold grapes and delicious green apples

70% VG 30% PG

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