Koil Killaz Polar Freebase 30ML


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Savage - Enjoy this savage blend of ripe strawberries, juicy watermelon, and sweet delicious kiwi smashed up and frozen to perfection! Stay Frosty!

Rampage - A furious blend of pink guava, ripe mango, and fresh pineapple have been taken into the depths of the Arctic Tundra, and infused with the power of the Arctic! A frozen blend to send your taste buds into a state of frenzy

Blitz - The great messiah ape has returned from his arctic expeditions - bringing with him a new take on his prized elixir. A watermelon blueberry pear symphony chilled to the bone for a frosted all day vape

Rumble - A frozen symphony of secret tropical fruits with an icy exhale, so chillingly good it will drive you mad

Assault - The coveted blueberry dragon fruit and guava blend is back with an arctic exhale to ensure you stay frosty all year round

Fury -Pineapple juice infused with coconut milk and the zest of black currant frozen to perfection in this angelic like blend

Primate (Sasquatch) - This will surely awaken your taste buds and bring you to a tropical rain forest full of thick vines of sweet frozen bold grapes and delicious cool green apples

Ambush - Two furry primate palmfuls of juicy cranberries, green apples, and red apples SMASHED! together into the ultimate sweet and sour sensation with a frozen finish

R.I.P - Featuring four flavours from the citrus family: grapefruit, lemon, lime, and blood orange, complimented with a touch of guava and an arctic-like finish

70% VG 30% PG

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