Flavour Beast Pod Pack [ET]


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[ET] Excise Tax is a new federal imposed excise tax stamp on products containing e-liquid, new prices have been implemented to accommodate the new tax pricing changes





  • 3x Flavour Beast [ET] Pods


Chillin' Coffee Iced - Iced Coffee

STR8 Up Strawberry Banana - Strawberry, Banana

Watermelon G - Watermelon

Mad Mango Peach - Mango, Peach

Pop'N Peach Berry - Peach, Raspberry

Gusto Green Apple - Green Apple

Bomb Blue Razz - Blue Raspberry

Rainbow Burst (Flippin' Fruit Flash)

Extreme Mint - Fresh Mint

Sic Strawberry - Strawberry, Menthol

Sour Snap (Slammin' STS) - Tangy, Fruity, Menthol

Ragin' Razz Mango - Raspberry, Mango, Menthol

Wild White Grape - White Grape, Menthol

Lemon Squeeze - Lemon, Menthol

Green Dew (Gnarly Green D) - Lemon, Lime, Menthol

Blazin' Banana Blackberry - Banana, Blackberry, Menthol

Bussin Banana - Banana, Menthol

Lit Lychee Watermelon - Lychee, Watermelon, Menthol

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