Product Warranty

Our 30-day warranty begins the day the items are delivered. Customer assumes all cost in shipping items back to Nimbus 9, and Nimbus 9 assume all cost in shipping the item back to the customer. Shipping cost is non-refundable/creditable. 

What is not covered by our warranty?

  • E-liquids, Atomizers, Tanks, Rebuildable products, batteries, chargers, mechanical mods, drip tips, coils or any other accessories on the device itself are NOT covered
  • Failure or damage caused due to improper use or unauthorized repair
  • Failure or damage as a result of excessive force such as dropping or abuse
  • Failure or damage as a result of usage outside of recommended operating instructions (See usage manual for operating instructions)
  • Damage or failure caused by improper use. This includes water damage, juice spillage, and fire damage.
  • Leaky tanks are not covered under warranty
  • Loss or damage due to missing components
  • Stripped or damaged threads, crooked 510 connection (Atomizer not sitting flush)
  • Damage to the finish (cosmetic issues), or scratches from a brushed finish
  • Rattling or sticky buttons
  • Modifying a product in any way, automatically voids the warranty
  • Defects caused by normal wear and tear or otherwise due to the normal aging of the product
  • Items outside of our warranty period

What is covered by our Warranty?

  • LED screen issues
  • Charging port issues
  • Battery issues (turning off when firing, etc)
  • Unit auto-firing
  • Chip malfunctions
  • DOA (Defective on Arrival) 

Some products will have minor flaws and that is to be expected during manufacturing. We can only accept a return or exchange if an item is defective (malfunctioning). 

If you are still covered under warranty, please read over return policy on how to proceed with returns or email us at [email protected] for questions.